Debt to GDP ratio (country list)

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    LOL, thank for the "explanation", but it's all wrong.

    Those data are outdated.
    Italy is at 115%, USA is around 100%, and most of the formerly virtuous countries are also nearing 100%
    And public debt alone is not significant, you have to consider aggregate debt (private+public).
    USA aggregate debt to GDP is a huge 360%.
    Italy has one of the lowest private debt in the world, italian people are savers.

    Read this:
    ECB december bullettin, page 90

    Significant increase in risks to the sustainability of public finances in the euro area

    The results of grouping the euro area countries into risk categories show that half of the
    16 euro area countries are assessed as high risk in terms of the sustainability of their public
    finances, namely Ireland, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Slovakia
    (see table below). Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria and Portugal are
    assessed as medium risk, while Finland is the only euro area country that is assessed as low
  2. Belgiums saving rate was just anounced last week.

  3. I look at debt per person and average wage. Recently I calculated something costed each US Citizen about $4,500 and I think that was the bailout. If you consider many people don't pay taxes, that means those of us who do pay taxes has to pay our $4,500 plus our share of all the elderly, women and children who do not pay taxes. So tripple that number. That would have bought a nice muscle car back in the day. So next time you want a new muscle car, thank the largest insurance fraud in the history of the planet which was perpetrated by organized crime who infiltrated our government.

    Factor in illegitimate war and there goes your second next desire to own a new muscle car.

    We have left future generations mountains of debt; something we have strived all our lives to teach them is wrong.
  4. The degenerate baby boomers completely f*cked America.
  5. I would like to see total debt (Corporate, Financial, Personal, All levels of gov't) to gdp - I've looked online and can't find anything to that effect.

    I do know that US total debt to gdp is probably around 370% right now.

    The alarming thing is that for the past thirty years, total debt grew disproportionately higher than gdp grew - much higher and consistently so - parabolically so.

    What does that mean for future gdp growth as we and other nations cut back deficit spending and/or deleverage?
  6. Remember the "outsourcing" hype to China and India some years ago?
    Now we see the result... :-(
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    organized crime to wall street/DC....model airplanes to NASA
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    this is old, but better then nothing:
    sectorial contribution to debt
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