Debt Limit/Social Security

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cyoungmark, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know how I would go about profiting about the debt ceiling not being raised and the government not being able to pay social security checks, if I believed that was going to happen?... Short the whole market? Short financials? Buy gold? Other commodities? Buy the whole market?

    In other words, how would the markets react if the debt ceiling was not raised by aug 2nd?

    This is a dead honest question.
  2. Short dentures , folgers coffee, depends, and ky jelly. jk :)
  3. Markets would be extremely surprised if the current "impasse" lead to something meaningful.

    Dow 5k in very short order would be a reasonable guess.

  4. hahahaha when i read dentures i actually LOL'd. But really though, I'm buying Puts on the whole market, and buying alot of gold. If i turn out to be wrong feel free to laugh at me.
  5. 15% return since the 17th