debt ceiling to be raised

Discussion in 'Economics' started by spinn, Dec 10, 2009.

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  2. Thats the illusion. There is no real debt ceiling. I mean what is the point of even having a debt ceiling if you are just going to raise it everytime you get close to it? Basically we do not have a debt ceiling.
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    Correct! Congress can raise the debt ceiling to a few quadrillion and it would be a meaningless number. The market will determine what the debt ceiling is. Until then...borrow, borrow, borrow!

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    thats obvious....but what message does it send to pay debt with more debt.

    lol why do I even ask????
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    Like putting a stop on a bad trade and not honoring it, just moving it.
  6. What else would you expect from a politician? Before he can pass his NEXT stimulus (not the last), the debt ceiling must be raised.

    All the debt ceiling really is, is an artificial number for the max amount of debt into which the people are to repay, with interest, to international lenders. That number is no different than a woman's emotion... here today, elsewhere tomorrow.

    Don't bother calling DC, they aren't asking for your opinion.
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