debt ceiling deal reached

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  1. clacy


    This is nothing more than a stopgap. Certainly not a fundamental shift in behavior.
  2. Feels good to be short yen :)
  3. Game over, if you have any type of net worth "you" better be getting finances in order, gearing up for a hell storm that is about to hit this fall.

    Research the facts for your self, The above link sums it up but do not take Glenns world for it. Open your own mind and wake the fuck up.
  4. So, looks like this party is going to last at least another 17 months or so, right? I mean, basically we should be going into the 2012 elections right as we hit the debt ceiling again.
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    Here's the funniest quote in that article:

    <i>Obama underscored that point. He said that, if enacted, the agreement would mean "the lowest level of domestic spending since Dwight Eisenhower was president" more than a half century ago.</i>

    I just laughed out loud when I read that.