Debra Medina, Texas governors race

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bigarrow, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Quote from her website.

    By asserting her Constitutional sovereignty, Texas can protect her citizens and provide them the opportunity to succeed.
    Guess I'd better buy some more rifles and ammo so when the tea baggers come attacking I'll be prepared.

    Has she not heard of the American revolution and the loss of life from the revolution. She is a fool. What would she want to happen if Texas were to succeed, does she think it would be a peaceful process? But Medina I think she means what she says and I don't like what she has to say.

    She also is a birther, geez lady.

    She also isn't sure the United States government isn't involved in the 9-11 terrorist attack, we got us a nut job here guys.

    A positive note to keep the review fair.
    Her consumption tax idea to replace the property tax is interesting. She states some "facts" without proof, but still an interesting idea, a damn good idea IF what she writes on her site is true and should be looked into further. She tells us how Texas is one of the most prosperous states in the union because of our low taxes and then tells us how our high property taxes are curtailing our prosperity. Need to make sure before we radically change our tax structure that the changes will produce the desired results.

    Quote from the Beck show - "And I believe that the two essential elements of freedom are private property ownership and gun ownership. They are as essential to freedom as air and water are to life." A flaming gun nut. Hey Medina the constitution says ARMS not guns.

    Watch this to see what a crazy woman this is, DO NOT VOTE FOR MEDINA !!!!

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  2. Medina gets my VOTE!!! :cool:

    While you stick with the typical Globalists minion puppets! :eek:
  3. She is for a bloody revolution, she is a NUT JOB. Nutty as a fruit cake.
    Globalists ??
    But you seem like a nice guy anyway.
  4. The TIMID and DOCILE masses will of course go the supposed SAFE way and vote Perry or Hutchison.....that is how you all have been DIRECTED so you will FOLLOW.

    Perry is so corrupt it is actually disgusting.....inside cabinet ties to Mexican government, Toll Road foreign corporation ownership ties, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and BTW Perry.......FUCK NO will you have your Merck & Co goons pump their Gardasil shit in my daughters (like the mandatory vaccination law attempts you tried).

    Hutchison is a Cheney globalist minion pet and another false prophet of the left-right con job two part paradigm.....that all the DIRECTED masses keep following as if they were the "infected" from the new movie CRAZIES! :eek:
  5. Timidity of the voters isn't why Medina lost. She lost because most of us thought she was looney and if in power she could of been dangerous. And since there were only three people to choose from and one of them, Medina was unstable then it had to be either Perry or Hutchinson. Next time maybe there will be someone better running for your side, hopefully so.
  6. Predominantly controlled masses is exactly why outsiders rarely win......:eek:

    NEVER forget, Amercia was started by very brash, loud, and highly opinionated citizenry.......too UNSTABLE for the current directed atomatons.