Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Blocking Poll Parking Lot

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    According to Florida’s Shark-Tank, which purportedly spoke to several witnesses, Schultz not only argued with the officer, but seemingly attempted to pull rank and intimidate him with a “well-placed” phone call:

    Wasserman Schultz was greeting voters and waiving her campaign signs on a street that leading into the polling site and was obstructing traffic by stopping cars before they could even enter the parking area.

    The police officer respectfully asked Wasserman Schultz to move onto the sidewalk as everyone else was required to do, but [the congresswoman] was unhappy with not being able to campaign how she saw it fit. Unnerved by the simple request from a police officer, Wasserman Schultz made a “well placed” phone call to some unknown individual in a position of authority. Five minutes later, the Aventura City Mayor came to the scene and was confronted by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and proceeded to get an earful from her as well.

    Wasserman Schultz stayed about 20 minutes before she left the scene with the six or so supporters she brought with her . After the congresswoman left, one of the Democrat supporters who witnessed the whole incident confronted the Mayor and told him that what she did was “extremely inappropriate”…
  2. she's shark-toothed trash on a power trip, so this is to be expected.
  3. .....blah blah.....which purportedly spoke to several witnesses...blahblah

    what else needs to be said to completely disregard?
  4. so you're saying this didn't happen and the story was entirely fabricated?

    Or are you saying she isn't a piranha-mouthed, lying, trashy cunt?

    edit: if u just mean this is hardly newsworthy and is NOT voter suppression, i agree. I just like bashing that obnoxious creature.
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    What was she blocking the parking lot with, her thunder thighs? :D
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    She laid down like a speed bump. Video to follow. :p
  7. Reminds me of the Hillary Special at KFC:

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    Her fat, swelled head.