DeathSwitch---keep trading after death

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    Protect your accounts and trades after you pass on,,,,,,

    best wishes,

  2. I actually have emailed to my sister and brother and attorney all my IB passwords and another broker's password. I also included instructions on how to get the money out.
  3. How does this work ?
  4. zdreg


    it sounds like a scam to get your passwords. show me otherwise.
  5. How do we know that surf isn't already dead?
  6. Actually it is a legitimate service that has been widely discussed on the web and in academic circles. I believe it was started by a neuroscience professor out of Texas a few years ago. The concept was presented at a number of conferences over time.
  7. I need them to handle a lot more volume for me. I have a long list of "Fuck You's" I need emailed upon my demise
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    why wait?
  9. Imagine, you could program this thing to "self destruct" your accounts, or take huge, all in risks after you kick the bucket.....

    the potential is endless.