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  1. .....We'll see now if God truly exists....Im praying for 10/25/03 with all my might for you:D :D
  2. Bye, bye miss American Pie
    Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
    And good ol' boys were drinking whisky and rye
    Singing this will be the day that I die
    this will be the day that I die ...
  3. nice signature, aphex.

    funny how my belief reflects reality only, yet apparently some think it is absurd. evidence the world is certainly a crazy place.

    show me ANYTHING that indicates one man's death is different from any other man's.

    furthermore, show me ANYTHING that indicates any man's death is different than a dinosaur's or a microscopic bug's.

    i'm waiting.

  4. Is there a difference in life?

    if there is no difference , why do you get all weepy eyed at the sight of a hamburger?
  5. we've been through this already.

    farm animals basically live the same lives as holocaust victims. do you have no issues with that? these animals have feelings, too.

  6. Just when you were so close to pulling the foot out of your mouth, you just go ahead and jam it in up to your ankle..:confused:

    you are a total jack ass.
  7. I am just putting it there for one week in the (probably hopeless) attempt that you will refrain from stupid comments in the future. If you truly believe what you said, then you should be smart enough to keep your mouth shut -- because you know that kind of statement isn't going to sit well with 90% of people.

    If you truly feel that adament about it, then join PETA and change the world one cow at a time. However, by saying things like that on *THIS* kind of board where a lot of people are jewish is just going to really piss off a lot of people.

    You aren't going to make many (any) friends that way.

    The issue isn't even whether you are right or wrong anymore -- it is how you deliver the message and your lack of tact lately.
  8. I'm going to die in 17 years...

    ummm... that's not so bad :)
  9. THANK YOU !!!!!

    That is why ive been so critical of him lately....Your wasting your time but im glad somebody else is finally saying it....I tried to get him to see this same point and his response was F this or that...I tried explaining to him that , he did not have to believe in GOD or my Religion....but when you say F-your god and your Bible.....your out of line.....I don't follow Islam but i would never tell a follower F allah and the quoran....I'd probably be killed....But Gordo doesn't get it
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