Death Threats and Insults All Over the Place

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  1. Not surprising. Also not surprising that the so-called liberals on this forum, like the pussies they are, don't call out the murderous right-wing nuts on this place for this stuff:

    1. <a href="" target="assholes">Tea party protesters call Georgia's John Lewis 'nigger'</a>

    2. <a href="" target="dangerous assholes">FBI arrests man for threatening senator over health care vote</a>

    All we need now is an actual assassination. The pussies otherwise known as liberals on this forum will, of course, refuse to lay the blame on the right-wing nuts. That would take courage, after all.
  2. I guess my question is why haven't you grown a pair that would allow you to name name's

    If you're gonna drop the p-bomb then get all froggy and jump. Similarly, if you're gonna call out the wing nuts, lay it out for us. Or would you like to remain anonymously milquetoast and throw bombs at both sides? In which case what should we call you?

  3. Lewis is a liar! Fake Racism.
    On the afternoon of Saturday, March 20, three members of the Congressional Black Caucus claim they were accosted by tea-party protestors while attempting to enter the Capitol. Reps. Andre Carson (D., Ind.) and John Lewis (D., Ga.) say they were called “n***er” repeatedly, and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D., Mo.) says he was spat upon.

    Quite naturally, the mainstream media pounced on this story of Lewis, a bona-fide civil-rights hero, enduring a “chorus of epithets” at the hands of a seething tea-party mob, and reported it as if it were gospel.

    But the incident wasn’t observed fact, it was media hearsay. And in the weeks since the story broke it, has not been backed up by a single piece of documentary evidence. This is why’s Andrew Breitbart, who has a standing offer of $100,000 to the man who can produce definitive evidence that the slurs happened, probably won’t have to pay up anytime soon.

    None had plausible theories as to why Lewis and Co. chose to break the lines of an excitable protest rather than stick to the subsurface tunnels by which members of Congress often travel between Capitol Hill buildings. And none could explain why, just a day after the allegations surfaced, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a contingent of Democratic leaders chose to break those lines again — sporting a giant gavel and coprophagic grins — despite the “hate” they believed to permeate the crowds.

    Most critically, none could account for how, at a gathering that surely featured hundreds of audio recorders, there isn’t a single sound clip that corroborates their stories.
  4. "I want to (expletive) kill you," one of the messages said.

    Technically, that wasnt a death threat. It was a man expressing how angry he is at the senator and telling him how he feels. An actual death threat would be "I'm going to (expletive) kill you!
  5. There isn't any hope. People need hope, and what do they get? A health care bill with 35% of the public for it. It's obscene. Whether or not you're for, or against. This is a hijacking of the system. That's what 's pissing off the populace. They have nothing. Can't get a job. The Govt is exploding. All the sins of the past that we've warned about have come home to roost. Calif is 500 mm underfunded in pensions. GM, C, 17 billion. Do you really think John Q sits on his hands when his check is cut?

    In 08, guys were shooting their kids, their wives, then themselves. This time around, he's going to say, "Hey, my wife and kids didn't do this to me.". And he's going to find out who (he thinks) did.

    I had a conversation last night with a guy. I asked, "where were the leaders and shakers when this shit was going down?" It was obvious to a bunch of us here what was happening, and we had no voice. So the moneyed elite just sat by. Did Buffett really need to buy GS at 78 o make his mark? Did Ross need Bank United that badly? One big name, pick one, couldn't step forward and say, "Hey, this is wrong."

    The obvious answer is no. And now, we pay. Unfortunately it is going to be a long hot summer. Last summer was a waltz. Getting better? Check out unemployment, w/no hope in sight, and the Anointed one wants six dollar gas and a VAT - horribly regressive, and for you to get a license when you sell your home, Really. It's in there.

    And Obama is talking about 29billion in HF earnings taxed at Cap gains. Wonder how that's playing in flyover country?
  6. What the people want is some f'n justice, and there isn't any. The only people suffering are the ones that had nothing to do with this. The economic terrorists that pulled this scam still walk free, are making more money than ever, all the while the working and middle classes are being raped. And there won't be any justice. Why? Too much government involvement, that's why. The government not only watched it all go down, they facilitated it. Isn't anyone of any stature going to jail for this because if one big gun goes down he'll squeal like a pig and take the whole f'n lot of them down with him. The wagons are circled and all they're doing now is getting ready for crowd control when it gets ugly.
  7. That's part of it.

    The other part is people are sick and tired of being responsible and playing by the rules, then watching the government use their tax money to bail out those who were irresponsible. They see it coming with SS and pensions. People who saved will be forced to subsidize those who lived it up and didn't save a dime. That's part of the objection to the health care bill. People are srapped already paying for their own family's health care. Now they will have to pay for a bunch of drug addicts, welfare leeches and half of mexico. And pols wonder why there is a Tea Party movement and people are pissed off?

    According to the above site, there are 39.2 million people on food stamps. That is about 1 in 8 people in the U.S. Do you consider them leeches? I'm sure there are many people here in the U.S. that just can't find a job, so they need some assistance. I'm sure they would rather work. Two good things about the healthcare bill is it forces insurance companies to take on people with pre-existing conditions and it forces them to not drop your coverage.

  9. That is not a very nice thing to say about your fellow LAW-ABIDING American citizens. You are an American citizen still qualified to vote right?
  10. Look at how overweight those people on food stamps are. They only need foodstamps because they cant afford to eat small meals like us skinny people. They need to eat more than us, so they need to pay more than us.

    When I go to the grocery store and i see a fat person in front of me, they always have a cart that is totally packed to the top with food. I see alot of hamburger helper in the their carts (which is so gross) I ate it once and my body felt so full and sick afterwards I could not eat it again.

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