Death penalty recommended for US soldiers in Iraq raid

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  1. Death penalty recommended in Iraq raid

    By ALICIA A. CALDWELL, Associated Press Writer

    An Army investigator has recommended that four soldiers accused of murder in a raid in Iraq should face the death penalty if convicted, according to a report obtained Saturday by The Associated Press.

    Lt. Col. James P. Daniel Jr. concluded that the slayings were premeditated and warranted the death sentence based on evidence he heard at an August hearing. The case will now be forwarded to Army officials, who will decide whether Daniel's recommendation should be followed.
  2. Hard to believe that supposedly civilized invaders (an oxymoron...). could be that morally repugnant and barbaric. Folks, in our quest for cheap oil we have invaded and dominated an abused most of the earth. I wonder why they hate us??

    Look our for the "grave iran threat", about as grave as iraq's imaginary WMD. Poor defenseless USA and Israel, that a 2nd or 3rd world country could somehow defeat the most advanced WMD and war machine known to mankind. WE are the facists, given the dictionary definition of facism. OUR corporate interests are terrorists .

    The truth is, the corporate agenda demands more and more production -so we must use overseas sweatshops and resources and pacify the local population through military means. VERY profitable indeed.
  3. TT2 you got that right.

    "Give me 500 dollars a month and I'll kill anyone that you want." Line from the "Last samurai".
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    Moonbats on parade........