Death of the Liberal Class

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    This is rather long, and I normally do not watch such long speeches (45 min). But this one was really, really worth it. I'd be really interested in what some of you guys have to say on it (should you set the time aside to listen). It is by Chris Hedges, and it discusses the death of Liberalism in the United States, and what this means. You may not agree with everything he says (in principle), but it sure makes us think. Hedges is very much a liberal, and perhaps even socialist.

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  2. He gives a thumbnail sketch of Liberalism over some years...

    But with the recent re-election of Odumbo, his premise of, "death of the Liberal class" is totally invalid.

    Remember how after the 2010 mid-term elections some were touting "death of the Democrats... gone forever"?

    What say those folks now? I think Liberalism/Progressive-ism/Marxism/Communism is the future of America.

    The "Parasite Class" now outnumbers the "Capitalist Class", and there is no turning back.

    The Founders would be mortified what the greedy and stupid have done to their/our country.

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    Tsing Tao

    Did you listen to the whole speech? It doesn't sound as if you did, or if you did it doesn't sound as if you've gotten the point he was trying to make.
  4. Scat has a closed mind, all the points he needs are all ready in his head.
  5. I watched it again.

    No change here. Regardless of his perception of "success of the Liberal class".. they are now in power in America and will remain so.
  6. I watched it again.

    No change here. Regardless of his perception of "success of the Liberal class".. they are now in power in America and will remain so. The Liberal (Parasite) class has never been so healthy as now.... sadly

    Maybe I'm seeing this through a biased eye. I'm a Darwinist... "survival of the fittest... make your own way or fall by the wayside... nobody owes you a living", kind of thing.

    In a capitalist society, you're either "Capital" (business owner) or "Labor".. do the best you can for yourself. Just because you choose labor doesn't entitle you to the rewards of successful capital... regardless of what the bleeding hearts say.

    In America, you have choices based upon your abilities and efforts... Capital, high-priced labor, low-priced labor. If you don't like where you are, YOU change.... if you are able. If NOT able, don't piss-and-moan about the success of those who ARE able.
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    Tsing Tao

    That's fine. I am that way now, because I no longer care. But I do sympathize and understand where pure liberalism comes from - the desire to help your fellow man who is not able to help himself. The manner in which we do that today just enables that man to stay poor and never helps him get out of his status. This is done to keep his vote. The way this is done is quite extensive and broad based, and mentioned in the 45 min video, and that is the point. It will self destruct.
  8. 200-ish years ago, there was no Liberalism... no "social safety net"... you either made your own way in the world or just died off.

    As America became established as a country and our wealth began to grow, some lame-ass politician began to campaign on providing "social benefits to some at the expense of others".

    Started out being a small thing... now it's a BIG thing... in fact, it dominates the financial and political landscape of our country... and NOT to our benefit and future success.

    POLITICIANS caused this mess.. supported by the greedy, lazy, couldn't-make-it-on-their-own.

    If I were making the social support rules regarding unemployment...

    1. Unemployment benefits limited to 26-weeks.

    2. If you don't find employment in that time, you go onto "second tier of support"... that be "3 hots and a cot". That would motivate people to take any job rather than settle for "3 hots at taxpayer expense".

    3. Round up and expel ALL illegal immigrants... those jobs would become open and available American worker unemployeds... and without generous unemployment benefits, they'd be motivated to take those jobs rather than settle for "3 hots..."

    Of course we're not going to allow citizens to starve or freeze to death. Howerver, the best thing we can do for them and their self esteem is to make them "uncomfortable" so that they are motivated to do for themselves rather than make a life style out of sucking the parasite tit.
  9. See that post?

    Americans realize that these people reside within the GOP, and the people have spoken to that.:)

  10. There are countries that probably fit these faux darwin society people, but they aren't going to go there, because, well they're all hat and no cattle.
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