Death March

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    I am a masochist. Therefore I went short the DIA post mkt.

    SS @ 135.08
    Stop @ 142.82 (3x21pATRweekly)
    No Tgt..will take profits when the time is right. But my minimum is a 1-1.

    Small with 1% of my equity risked for the distance from entry to stop.

    I have a hunch...:eek: :D

    Good trading to you all!
  2. hahahaha, a hunch. Nice strategy
  3. If you were a masochist, you'd short YM instead without a stop. With your current position, you are a narcissist, because you think you are cute.
  4. Yes, I have been posting here for 4 years and have made about 7 public calls. That is quite a narcissistic streak I have huh....

    Truth be told I am a little cute.
  5. Actually I have a good one. Yesterday after lunch I was having a cig and a black crow landed on my car and crapped all over it. The crap looked like the DIA ticker. Thats a signal!!!
  6. I`m still liking this trade. Besides being in the money a lil bit the short rebate from last month added to my gains slightly.

    I was thinking I would be in the money a little earlier. Cause after I got in on May 16th there were 4 days where the candles are "rising in agony" as the Japanese so eloquently put it. Long upper shadows and dark bodies. So that felt good. But the engulfing pattern on the 30th almost shook me out....almost. I noticed that as the DIA rose to new highs both the MACD and RSI Wilder diverged. Lower highs as the DIA made higher highs. So that reassured my position.

    Frankly, I dont know why I put this on initially. My best guess is I felt bullish on the DX/bearish on the CRB for that week and wanted to play that move via equities. I wasn't joking in the earlier posts when I said "a hunch". Indices dont make tops in a day. Individual stocks sometimes...but NEVER broad based indices.

    Have a good day!
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  7. Still here and slightly OTM. Whatever happens may it happen.

    Dont you just love this pattern? Nothing predictive about it. But the mirror image candles formed over the last 9 sessions are pretty.

    Have a good weekend!