Death by Sex

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  1. pspr


    It's the old order of life.

    You are born, get married, have children, grow old and die.

    But if you break that pattern by say, not having children, you will live forever! :D
  2. not having children won't help i am afraid
  3. maxpi


    there is work being done that can stave off cell death and regrow the internals as well... The treatments will always be very expensive and my guess is that some quality of life will be obtainable up to 120 yrs of age..

    I love reading what these scientists come up with.. Genesis says that mankind was death-free before they got infected by the devil. Then they lived for hundreds of years, then the Flood happened and the food supply was radically different and the Biblically declared lifespan was 120, then 70... Scientists are continually reverse engineering what really happened and getting the timeline screwed up to a comical extent...
  4. baro-san


    Sex might explain why men live on average less than women! Taoist teachings talk of evolved celibate individuals that live to be incredibly old, while looking incredibly young.

    Maybe the tendency to precocious sex is the way nature will regulate the unsustainable population growth on Earth.
  5. Lucrum


    You may be right. Although to be honest I'd personally rather die younger with a worn out dick that live to get old with an unused one.

  6. Do you know what you're talking? :mad: .
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    With grammar like that I have to wonder. Do you know what you're asking, you incredibly stupid fuck?

    You ARE the poster child for the brain damage caused by liberalism.
  8. Luke...... read what you wrote. :mad: .
  9. baro-san


    You can trade some life and stamina for sex without ejaculation with some practice of energy transmutation.
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