Death by outing

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  1. Horrible what that dothead and gook did to that poor queer kid. So what if he is a fudgepacker, who are we to judge?

    Pretty sick what they did to the poor kid. I bet the Christians are celebrating his death.
  2. It's all sick.

    Bimbos displaying themselves on cellphones.

    Sluts gone wild.

    All of it. Or none of it.

    To kill yourself over such a thing says more about you than it does them.


    The perpetrators should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, expelled, then jailed. You know, hang em, it'll teach 'em a lesson.
  3. Dharun Ravi should be beat to death with a tire iron, as should all that intrude into our personal lives.
  4. Lucrum


  5. There's always psychological risk by not conforming.
  6. damn, I thought gay WAS conforming these days.
  7. Whats obvious is that dothead and gook chick were not doing actual studies but just fucking around in college.

    Now that they are fucked by being idiots and ending up with a gay suicide on their hands and their pictures all over the internet, police record etc..

    Their chances of employment pretty much collapsed.
  8. nope. reality show for MTV, where they film the jersey shore gang doing the nasty and get their asses kicked from there to Bensonhurst.
  9. That is so sad. May he rest in peace.

    Dharun Ravi should be prosecuted for his total disrespect and intentional maligning a person's reputation.

    What he did was really cruel and sick. He must have had a really bad childhood for him to go to this extent just to get attention.
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