Death by Deadlift

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    It seems Eddie Hall go up to 420kg/921lbs on that set. Insane. Read he said he lost his eyesight for a while after dead lifting 500kg,that was with belt, straps and suit. He just uses straps in this video

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    Not clear whether he wears some kind of support below his short, but that seems low for a belt. 2mns DL set - brave strongman !
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    That's the most impressive weightlifting set I have ever witnessed!! That is some serious strength and stamina right there. Unbelievable!
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  4. Not my thing, but wow.
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    Strongmen are very impressive, they need to have elite powerlifters' maximum strength (Hafthor Bjornsson, the 2018 number 1 strongman, last December came very close the the All time Powerlifting best total with only 1 month specific preparation for his first powerlifting meet ), plus they need to be able to keep high intensity for a whole minute, 2 in the case of that video.
    There seems to be enough money in and around Strongman to make a decent living off it for heavy weights, so the guys are real professional athletes. Not the leanest around but quite some monsters.

    Strongman : Crossfit for men :)

    For those interested, Born Strong is quite an interesting documentary on 4 of the biggest stars in the Sports, including Eddie Hall :

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  6. I started watching a bit of the video, and will probably continue to watch it in bite-sized portions. While there is no denying these guys' strength and commitment, do they necessarily have to carry so much fat to move the kind of weight that they do? Serious question. They walk like they're obese because, well, some of them kind of are. And what I saw of one guy's diet thus far, it's not exactly a longevity-enhancing one. Just saying.
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    Legit questions, both addressed in the documentary. Eddie Hall is saying he needs to win World Strongest Man soon or he will die from the lifestyle. He did win it in 2017 and retired from competition right after. He is still lifting and very big though, likely still on high dose of steroids, seemingly doing a nice living off his WSM title and persona.
    One can train for strongman in lighter weight categories btw, the money is not there but it is most likely healthier (I never trained for Strongman btw, even at the lowest level, so really can't comment from personal experience).

    The link below is to an amateur competition encompassing various weight classes, females and males, organized by Brian Alsruhe. Interesting youtube channel, the guy has a very positive spirit - and a cool gym :

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  8. I can see where the competitiveness could become addictive.
  9. I bet I could kick his ass pretty easy...after that last set.
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    Lol ! Reminds me of one of the comments below the video :

    "Just image only seeing it from 1:54"
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