Death by boredom.

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by tortoise, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. tortoise


    The life of a full-time trader is a life of mind-warping tedium.

    My God, it is dull.
  2. My plan for killing todays boredom:
    I try to read a book.
    Then i watch a horror movie.
    Then i make a sandwich.
    Then i smoke a cigarette.
    Then i close my trade and finish for today.
    Then i go into the weekend.


    :p :p :p
  3. tortoise


    You're right. And I'll quit bitching.
  4. LOL:D

    I never said i will follow my plan.:p

    Its pretty hard to read a book, if you be such an lazy ass like me.

    Its pretty hard at all.

    But i must kill the boredom someway.

    OMG, my life is so hard. Its good to know, i am not alone with my problems.

    Trading is hardcore, hardcore boring.

    :mad: :D :( :) :p
  5. zdreg


    don't worry. the market will take care of your misery.
  6. jinxu


    Haha...Please! Eventually all of that get old quick. While you may not be doing anything most of the time, you still have to keep watch. You're basically a security guard watching a screen all day.

    You can never watch enough horror movies a day.

    I have the weird belief, that when i see the horror all day in movies, i do not seek it on my charts.

    Its weird, but it works somehow.......???

    Its not so that i had nothing to do, i always have an ass full of work, but i am so fucking lazy, Fuck.

    Yes i watch the markets 20h a day and control my trades.

    But i should according to my plan, do my Daily setup training and go through the markets train my strategies and backtest them.

    But i am so lazy, and i have forgotten when i did it the last time, i think it was Sunday or so.

    Imagine my plan, says i should do setup training every day for at least 3h and go through at least 20 trades on different markets.

    Its just so boring. Hanging aroung in ET entertains me now not bad at all, but i know i will get soon bored of it.

    I tried some new online games, but i think i played almost all i like........

    So it always comes back to i must read a book, it isnt so that i wouldnt have enough good books to read, but its pretty heavy to concentrate, if you be overwaked all day long.
    Cant sleep, cant daily life.......:eek: :eek: :eek:
  8. tortoise


    it's funny. when i was consistently losing, i was VERY engaged. now that i'm making money, i find this so uninteresting, i could scream.

    p.s. thank god the markets are, as so many here say, "rigged." that's the only fun left, watching 'em game the joint.

    p.p.s. ok, now that i've done my 4 pts for the day. gonna go do something. i guess.
  9. i play now poker.

    pokerstars rules.

  10. Yet another case of the brainless

    You simply have no brain if you can't overcome boredome and if you have mastered trading.

    You simply have no brain!
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