dear US voters, please be smart ...

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    ... and do not promote the current course within
    another election. this planet needs a more capable
    US administration. currently in nairobi another
    worldwide forum on global warming takes place.
    for those who do not know. the last such event
    happened in kyoto and while the then US government
    tried to get it through, congress did not ratify
    the kyoto documents. this planet cannot afford
    another such political desaster in washington.
    there is much, much more at stake than a stupid
    joke here or a gay senator there. we cannot wait
    until the final idiot has realised that spending
    money on warfare is like shooting in your very own
    knee. send the hawks back where they came from.
    and let the christian fundamentalists accompany
    them. intelligent, critical, aware people: stand up!
    it is about time!!!

  2. While GW is a serious issue, Kyoto is a joke.

    Maybe if a treaty that included the giant economies and as a result green house gas emissions of China and India were drawn up even the Luddite Bush might listen.

    Until and unless the new treaty does not give these nations a free pass and as a result an economic advantage, it is hard to believe GW is a serious issue.


  3. Seriously, what is the point of posting this?

    Do you really think someone is going to change their vote because of something they read from some anonymous guy on a message board?
  4. man


    so far i thought the US were a giant economy ...

    and may you like it or not GW is indeed a very
    serious issue. it is just something oil and weapon
    companies do not profit from. this is why the
    current US administration does not do anything.
    they are willing to spend billions on iraq, yet not
    willing to do much in terms of emissions. guess
    why. almost the enitre scientist community
    agrees that global warming is a fact and you
    truly do not think it "is a serious issue"?
  5. man


    seriously, the net has become a vital board for
    people forming their opinion. and it is about time
    to realise that those who think the current US
    administration is endangering the world have to
    raise their voice each and everywhere.

    taking your point further, why post anything
    anywhere? why did you write your post? not to
    tell me something? not to influence my point of
  6. Dear the rest of the world,

    Please stay the fuck out of our politics, and try instead to clean up your own fucked up country / government. Furthermore, rather than blaming the United States for your own sorry position in life (as your leaders have taught you), why don't you (for once) take the advice of "think globally and ACT LOCALLY" to heart.

    Thank you.
  7. Amen.
  8. man


    i am afraid life ain't that easy. here a little war,
    there a little torture. consuming more energy
    and ressources per capita (you get that phrase,
    do you) than anybody else on this planet.
    no, little one, you don't get away with this. not
    that easily.
  9. If you want to complain about torture & war, esp. torture, then take your issue up with any islamic nation (Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, etc.) and for war just go take it up at your local mosque, go complain about energy consumption and environmental issues to China and India, you don't have the brains, the guts, or the balls, I'm sure you don't . . .
  10. US is the largest contributor of greenhouse gasses and other emissions.
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