Dear ThinkorSwim

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Reaver, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Dear ToS,

    Just wanted to post and let you know I would give my left nut to see you add currency futs (ie Swiss Franc, Yen, GBP, Aussie) to your contracts offered.

    Seriously, I already told my doc and he's ready to do this thing.


    All would be well with the world. Hell I'd probably wear some patchouli just to commemorate the moment.
  2. Sashe


    And please.... dont forget the options on futures as well...been waiting forever and will switch right away...options on ER2 and ES should do for the most here
  3. I'd totally switch everything over and never look back if that was to happen.
  4. bh_prop


    Why? You can already trade the far,far more liquid IWM,SPY options. Span margin relief is about the only benefit I can think of.

  5. Hope this doesn't get into a flame war, as almost every thread about brokers ends up devolving into-

    So please, dear kind sir or ma'am reading this from ToS....Before this thread is lost amidst the strife of those wishing to shill for IB, I leave you with this one meager wish.....Please consider the requests of a humble trader and expand your futs contract offerings.
  6. Dr. is still standing by......just called him.