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  1. Dear Shrink,

    I have been having what I would call weird thoughts lately, and I am not sure if these are natural or common occurrences. It all started a few weeks ago when a started to post on this forum. Since that point, every time that I wire money from my trading account to my bank, I envision walking with TraderZones to his bank, he then makes a withdrawal and hands me my money and then we go our separate ways. I must admit that these thoughts have given me great satisfaction over that past few weeks. Shrink, is it normal to feel happy when you take other people’s money? Something tells me that it just isn’t right.

    Well, in may not matter because of what happened today. Today, after my wire, I again envisioned going to the bank with TraderZones, but something very odd happened this time. Today, when he walked to the teller and handed her the deposit slip, she told him that he has insufficient funds for the withdrawal. After that, he just looked at me with tears starting to roll down his cheek, and said that I just took all of his retirement money. He walked out with such a dazed look, I can’t help but to feel sorry for him.

    Shrink, I feel that my happy thoughts are now gone forever. There really isn’t any else at this forum that I could use as a substitute. No matter how hard I try it wouldn’t work with Blowinski. The man can’t possibly have any money if he trades his own systems that he sells on C2. I feel that I am out of options.

    Shrink, I need your advice. I want my happy thoughts back.


  2. Don't worry, those thoughts are irrelevant. Since TraderZones doesn't trade at all, there is no way to take his money :D
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    Doctor: uhm i see that our experiencing criminals remorse...maybe your unconscious is speaking to you. stop doing crime and hurting stealing other people's money and your happy thoughs will come back. go do something useful in your life like charity work.

    majority of the population don't have your problem cause they have a conscious and don't have criminals remorse.

    some killers and criminals don't have any remorse. proud of themselves for killing other people and stealing other peoples' money.

    Madoff is proud of himself the guys has no remorse. Madoff was so happy to steal billions and bought a 1 acre mansion . I highly doubt madoff is the only theif in wall street, he is the only that got got and busted..just like martha stewart isn't the only who did insider trading she was the only who got prosecuted in the public. marth stewart didn't go to jail for insider trading but for 'obstruction of justice'

    i'm no pessimistic about wall street bu the facts and actions of wall street speak for themselves. my opinions are based on facts.


  4. Charity work. Actually a good idea, never went that route before, though really never had the time. Something worth consideration for sure.

    However, I hope that you are not saying that I am a criminal because I win. Winning is supposed to be the end result of this game, and when you win, you are taking other people's money. Same as in gambling. All players know the stakes.

    Also, since you are new this month, you probably haven't experienced TraderZones. Start a journal, or show that you win, and he will be there ripping you up and down. This post was intended with some humor.
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    It doesn't make me happy knowing that I am not taking his money anymore.
  6. I would like to call Mr. ROTrader to the stand. Do you have any cash? You seem to be quite the dick, perhaps you might be the last option for me. Please tell your story.

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