Dear Mr. Diebold!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pekelo, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Pekelo


    With all due respect I would like to ask just one question:

    What the fuck happened on Tuesday? How could we lose the election with all your machines in the right place? Did the programers finally trick you? (OK, those were 3 questions, but you got my drift)

    As we both know, (and you get my ultimate admiration for it) the 2004 elections were the best cheated in history. I mean those memory cards with the executable programs on it? Pure genius!
    Not to mention those electronic machines that had no papertrail at all. The Reps really figured the game back then. And the media and the pussy Dems not even understanding the anomaly of the exitpolls? Well, to tell you the truth Mr. Diebold, that part was a bit risky, but decades of bad public education finally paid off, and nobody got the nuances of statistical improbabilities. Kerry might have got it, but didn't fight it, for some unknown reasons. Well, probably he figured, he doesn't really want to be president.

    Anyhow, after such a stellar performance of your machines and programers, I was expecting similar results this Tuesday. I actually put money on a Rep win. And what did I get for it? Democrat majority in the Senate AND in the Congress?

    Elections are way too important that we could trust people with it. That's why we had you. I really loved when after the Ohio mess in 2004 the Ohio election comitee spent 22 million on your machines. Talking about a slap in the loser's face!

    So I just can't get over these latest election results. The only thing I can imagine is that you got an order not to mess with the election. After all, the next few years aren't gonna be a cakewalk, and we need somebody else than us to get blamed for it.

    And let's face it, it is not like there are gonna be changes. This 1.3 party system has worked for 200 years, it will work for a few decades more.

    So I guess after all it wasn't your machines' fault, but strategic losing. I can understand that.

    Please give my best to your handlers, and can I borrow a few of those machines for our upcoming high school election? Just in case, you never know...


    An admirer

    P.S.: For those who didn't get what this post was about, watch the documentary Hacking democracy...