Dear Larry KudLow... Goldilocks Has Been Raped

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  1. The Advance / Decline Volume for the sp500 stocks is a disaster... when the market went up yesterday it went up on up volume fumes... whispers of volume... hopes and dreams but no up volume..

    Now, we are below the Monthly Pivot at 1525... and we have now closed below the Yearly pivot at 1490

    The sell off today to 1479 does not really reveal the depth of selling that this custom chart created from a DDE feed shows for each of the down days volume sum over the last few trading days...

    Larry, get a rape kit for Goldie will ya...

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  2. welcome to the Enron economy

  3. Paulson said we have a strong dollar policy just today......

    who talked him into that job???
  4. Oh my... I am not worth as much as i use to be...

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  5. Lucrum


    You sure he didn't say strong Euro policy?
  6. No he meant Canadian dollars.
  7. what a putz - CDO-SIV market is not functioning and this grey suit runs his mouth... lotsa good it did...
  8. Goldilocks was never innocent in the first place.

    "sometimes I run, sometimes I hide...Baby Baby, bang me one more time!"
  9. Goldilocks?
    Rampant Foreclosures
    Plunging Dollar
    Record Oil prices

    Kudlow is an idiot.

  10. poyayan


    You know, when you hear things like that, you got to wonder whether he is trying to insult everyone.

    If this is a strong dollar policy, I don't want to hear a weak dollar policy.

    Throw that together with the ~4% productivity number, I am either bipolar or I am too dumb to understand what is going on.
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