Dear Jim Cramer

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  1. Although people here like to put you down, I want you to know that I like you. I admire you drive and dedication. I find you antics quite amusing and although I have not nor would I ever act on any of you advice (I don't trade individual stocks, nor do I take tips) I believe that you do really want to help the average investor. If you were to incorporate the following advice into you show, you would in my opinion do your viewers a great service.

    1) Price confirmation: Even if you are bullish on a stock for fundamental reasons wait for it to start moving up before buying.

    2) Stop Loss: After waiting for price confirmation and entering a position always set a protective stop. Explain that risk management is the most important part of investing and that diversification among different stock will not necessarily protect you. (In a bear market most stocks move down).

    3) Bear markets: There will be periods when the best advice you can give is sell all of you stocks and wait and or short the following stocks. If you are always long stocks, how can you do well in a declining market?
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    ah please, give Jimbo a break

    He knows these things but he also knows people don't want to hear the truth

    people want a hot tip

    GET IT muchy mo
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  4. i was at a resturant talking to a really hot broad and Cramer was next to me at the bar. the girl had to leave and wanted to give me her number but only had a marker and no paper. i took the marker and wrote her number ob Cramer's bald friggin head and told Jim to be sure he did'nt wash his scalp until i called him the next day at his hedge fund and instructed him to lean over in the mirror and recite the number to me. the fuk gave me the number backwards.
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  7. His whole show is based on going LONG. What will he do in a Bear market? Teach people to short FOUR HORSEMAN?
  8. I like cheesy but I still wouldn't buy it.