Dear Diary

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    Dear Diary,

    I have saved up 20k to start trading. I will trade the Dow Mini Futures Contract.

    I will trade intraday only. I will close all postions at the EOD.

    I will use a 2% stop loss as my money mannagment stratgey.

    I have read The Principles Of Self Mastery by Napoleon Hill; The Principles Of Personal Power by Napoleno Hill.

    You Can If You Think You Can by Norman Vincent Peale.

    Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas.

    Come Into My Trading Room by Dr Alexander Elder.

    Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell.

    Attitude 101 by John C. Maxwell.

    Home Business Tax Deductions Keep What You Earn by Stephen Fishman.
  2. Do you have a set of profitable strategies which you've tested in real time through all kinds of market conditions with a good simulator?

    Good trading to you.

    btw, great nick.
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    Yes I have a strategy. Has it been tested thru all market conditions, no I can't say that it has, but that's ok for now.

    This is an attempt at trading, I will keep it very simple and focus on one instrument only.

    I also plan to protect my attitude, if I feel this forum is affecting me in a negative way I will find another way to chronicle this experience.
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    Trading Books, I can't believe I have my first ignore.