Dean “Unskewed Polls” Chambers: I Was Wrong, Nate Silver Was Right

Discussion in 'Politics' started by exGOPer, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. exGOPer


    Dean Chambers, the man behind “unskewed polls,” a site that attempted to re-weight polls that Chambers thought oversampled Democrats, admitted to his model’s shortcomings on Wednesday.

    “Most of the polls I ‘unskewed’ were based on samples that generally included about five or six or seven percent more Democrats than Republicans, and I doubted and questioned the results of those polls, and then ‘unskewed’ them based on my belief that a nearly equal percentage of Democrats and Republicans would turn out in the actual election this year,” Chambers wrote on The Examiner website. “I was wrong on that assumption and those who predicted a turnout model of five or six percent in favor of Democrats were right. Likewise, the polling numbers they produced going on that assumption turned out to be right and my ‘unskewed’ numbers were off the mark.”
  2. I cant believe so many republicans were stupid enough to believe in that bullshit
  3. Lucrum


    I still have a hard time believing so many democraps believed in all that "Hope and change" rhetoric. Talk about naivete.

    Worse, I can't believe you attend Katy PerrY concerts AND admit it. LOL

  4. Most democrats dont believe in hope and change,just that Obama is better then Romney and McCain

    Considering you mention her every day you seem to be the one with the Katy Perry obsession
  5. Lucrum


    If they're dumb enough to believe Obama is better than anyone, they might as well believe in hope and change.
    And Santa Clause as well.

    Mentioning your obsession with a teenie bopper star, makes me obsessed? Who knew?

  6. The dumb ones are the ones who believe in unskwed polls and that Romney or McCain would be better Presidents then Obama

    I dont have an obsession.I brought a date to one of her concerts and only mentioned her here when pointing out she was an Obama supporter.You mention her nearly every day multiple times a day
  7. exGOPer


    As opposed to the 'Believe in America' but invest overseas guy :D :D

    Here is the ET skewed polls thread, good for schadenfreude :p
  8. Lucrum


    The dumb parasite classes and their bleeding heart liberal cheerleaders voted for Obama.
    But you and your welfare whores are in the majority now so nothing I can do about it.

    Not to worry, before long you'll say or admit to something else equally embarrassing and I'll switch over to that.
  9. exGOPer


    Atleast they can do math.