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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by spreader, Feb 18, 2004.

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    I have a consistent 3yr track record trading various low risk spreads, and am looking to expand my trading with external funds. I don't have the inclination to set up my own CTA, I would rather obtain a direct allocation from a private fund or prop group.

    One fund I am considering offers a 20% performance fee, with an initial drawdown allowance of 50K rising to probably 250k as I prove myself. For those with relevant experience, how does this deal sound?

    From reading the threads here, it seems a lot of the prop shops make their money from desk fees and commissions generated from high volume scalping. This is not the kind of environment I want to get into.

    Does anyone know if the old Commodities Corporation (as featured in Market Wizards) is still operational? I read they were bought out by GS a few years ago.
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    If you have consistent returns with low drawdowns you should not have any problem finding people willing to back you, especially with a 3 yr track record. Most will ask for audited trading records, most accountants charge 2k-3k for this service.

    A lot of mid size Hedge funds may also be interested in you. Just beware of system grinders...