Dealing with risk of "haunted" houses as property investor

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    I have no answers. The more I look into them, the more questions arise.
    Look at a catalog of crop circle designs and some of the math behind them would be a good start.

    Just appreciating the artistic beauty of them is reason enough to do so.

    Personally the idea of ancient civilizations developing inconceivable concepts of space-time given the age of the universe is much more plausible than Earth being the only planet that fostered an environment for the presence of life.
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  2. Really? So a civilization immeasurably ahead of ours has landed here and meticulously avoided any contact with humans (apart from those who were abducted, of course) and then carelessly left a trail? Fascinating.


    Again, who debunked the debunkers, and how did they do so?

    As an aside, I'm not questioning the existence of life on other planets in the universe. Just their propensity to repeatedly space travel all the way to our planet and leave a really cool mark.
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    Lol, makes a case for smoking blunts!

    The logic you are using implies a bias toward physical reality that what we perceive with our 5 physical senses is the whole of the electromagnetic sprectrum.

    It also implies a bias that what one would consider a valid and proper explanation from an egotistical cosmology.

    Probably as useful as explaining cellphones to these folks.
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    By the simple fact that you don’t read the answers to your questions.

    The process of fossilization happens with the mind when confronted by facts not conforming to their own fragile worldview.

    At first perceived as strengthening but in retrospect of an Insight is more accurately described as stiffening and lack of cognitive flexibility.

    You could very well be on to me and my plan of cornering tinfoil futures is foiled!

    Here’s some tinfoil for ya and it flys!
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    The thread is about haunted houses.

    Apparitions and haunting’s go hand-in-hand.

    Boo !!

    Btw, the second link with the hard data is the debunking one debunking debunkers.

    The first link mostly describes circular conversations when debunkers are unaccepting of unexplainable phenomenon.
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    You're using the god argument, Sprout. Others cannot explain every single instance in detail, therefore it must be god/aliens/ancient civilizations/lizardmen.

    Fascinating crop circles and math you say? Humans could understand it, therefore humans could've created it, it's just that simple. Why do you assume idiots created the crop circles in the first place?

    Like others, I'm not really questioning intelligent life on other planets, it's quite likely there is something out there. The story about them leaving some patterns in crops is silly though and a critical mind would never accept it. It's nice to trip out on some science fiction stories but they rarely have anything to do with reality.
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    I agree with your notion of using critical thinking to discern the truth about reality, however there are some truths that do not operate in that domain.

    All I have claimed are that there are unexplained phenomenon.

    Some of the ‘evidence’ that debunkers use is as flimsy as ‘true believers’ put forth - each polar group using their respective belief systems as a shared vocabulary in their search for meaning. Those belief systems influence how something is perceived.

    With this line of thinking, then since we understand planetary motion or DNA, somehow we also created them?

    Yes, the fundamental difference is the belief that there is such a thing as ‘out there.’

    Reality has multiple dimensions and is influenced by our cognitive states. It also a concept that has been mutable and amended through time.

    How much actual atomic mass does the earth contain? Is it truly solid or more empty space?

    My personal cosmology is that advanced intelligence is not ‘out there.’ That concept is a dualistic interpretation of the universe.

    Anyone whom have accessed peak states, flow and unity consciousness realizes the ‘hard lines of definition’ are of our own making. Imho, consciousness is more of a stream in constant motion and not a definite static ‘thing.’

    As for hauntings, aliens, crop circles, artifacts out-of-place, whatever,.. sure they can all be explained away as hoaxes. But to make a blanket statement without further exploration could be also described as a delusion itself.

    If any human is behind them, it could be these guys:

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