Dealing with risk of "haunted" houses as property investor

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    I suppose with that line of thinking, crop circles are human hoaxes and archeological anomalies do not exist and the Atacama skeleton is just a dwarf.

    Wiki leaves out detail and has it’s own bias. One doesn’t have to be a believer for the facts in the Sirius documentary to be pretty compelling as well as the context by which out-of-place artifacts are discovered.

    All hoaxes? Maybe some can be explained but to dismiss them all is not looking at the hard evidence.

    Have you seen the designs of some of these complex crop circles forming overnight, without sound nor light nor machinery?

    Two drunk pranksters with a board was debunked long ago.
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    Nope, that debunking video was itself debunked.

    Did you look at the results of their method?

    The actual image of their crop circle? The image of real crop circles in the background with these yahoo’s feeble attempt to explain is misrepresentation and disinformation at it’s finest.

    Be a skeptic of a skeptic and apply critical thinking.

    Start with actual physiological structural changes of plant cell walls within a crop circle as well as the magnetic anomalies documented within.

    Physically bending a plant meristem is not what is happening forming this phenomenon.
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    So what is happening? Let's be scientific here. Aliens travel light-years just to make some patterns? So they're incredibly smart and incredibly stupid at the same time.
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  6. Really? And so the only explanation that makes sense to you is extraterrestrial aliens? I'm guessing you like stretching exercises. :D
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    Personally I have no idea what is happening. However when one explores the mathematics within the progression of designs it’s clear something is happening!

    As for an advanced civilization, one just has to look at a picture of the known universe to realize our understanding of it pales in comparison.

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    You keep repeating the same debunked video of the debunkers. One from the ‘70’s! I imagine this conversation going in circles.

    Understanding the expression ‘beyond the pale’ would give insight to an open mind.

    How could I possibly think that there might be other possible alternative hypotheses? <sarcasm>
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  9. And those being...?
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  10. Who debunked the debunkers? And how were the debunkers debunked?
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