Dealing with risk of "haunted" houses as property investor

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  1. carrer


    Science is still at it's infancy stage and could not prove if ghosts exist.
    It's just like science 50 years ago could not prove many thing and now it could.
    So, we shouldn't reject any existence that could not be proven by science because modern science is still very new.
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  2. I see what you are saying.

    It's like technical analysis.

    Should not reject it because someday someone might prove it to be true.

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    I like ghost movies but tend to not believe in ghost. What you say may be right, but still there have to be some evidence that ghost exists. And don't say due to testimony from people. People in general are bad observers and sometime can be delusional. They are not good evidence.

    On the other hand. UFO I can believe. Because there is some physical evidence from pictures to videos...
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    Just to add. There are also videos and pictures of ghosts. Some of them are made up but a portion of them are real footage.
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    The dog's brother has a human sized house? Nice going, dawg. That's how I read it at first.

    Most likely there were rats in the ceiling or under the floorboard or perhaps even snakes. I've woken up in a very old country house at night with a snake staring at me (non-poisonous but still big), I lost my fear of snakes after that.

    Stop believing in nonsense people. Your own mind is playing silly tricks on you or you're seeing things that you just can't explain (but others can)...and you fall for it.
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  6. It was a joke, eh. "Scottish dog being TERRIER-FIED. "

    sheesh! let some of the helium out of your shorts and laugh a little.
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    There are also "photos" of bigfoot which is of course almost certainly non-sense and that's the thing that's most likely real - a very big man who lives in the wild and covers himself in animal furs. Never mind ghosts or aliens. There is no credible evidence on aliens. Nazi scientists were essentially kidnapped after the war and brought to New Mexico to test flying objects that look identical to saucers, coincidentally that's where the UFO craze started. Then there's other high speed experimental aircraft with different shapes and sizes. Before the 50s, most of the supposed sightings were just meteors or atmospheric light phenomenon.

    Surprised so many gullible people on ET but who am I to judge, whatever floats your boat.
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    I get it now. Not that funny though.
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  9. Probably not if you have to work that hard to get it.
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