Dealing with risk of "haunted" houses as property investor

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  1. Recently, my family stayed in a hotel which gave us the creeps. My wife couldn't sleep well and was very tired the next day. It almost spoil the vacation until we changed room. I will leave out the details.

    When buying new property, how do you handle the risk of buying a haunted house? This is a tricky issue. It is not scientific. We can't use measuring instruments to verify. Anyone can make scary claims that cannot be verified. It will be great if forummers can share their past experiences.
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  2. haunted house securitized credit swaps
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    This is a futures question, isn't it.

    (Or, Technical Analysis??)
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    Stambovsky v. Ackley
    The "Ghostbuster case" that went to the NY State Supreme Court.
    Its a pretty good story.
    Depending on which state you are looking to buy... Google laws regarding " "stigmatized properties" for that state. It varies.
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  5. Very interesting. Good ending. Sold at 600k above comparable homes. Maybe it's good idea to buy haunted houses :)

    The Ghostbusters home sold on Jan 8, 2016 for more than $600,000 above comparable homes in Nyack according to Trulia, fetching $1,770,000.[11]
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    It's easy... Stop believing fairy tales. Works as insurance for other purposes too.
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    The existence of phenomenon that cannot be readily verifiable is problematic. It really doesn’t rely on belief whatsoever.

    It just takes one hair-raising, spine tingling, spontaneous feeling of cold along with the feeling of the ‘creeps’ to convince one that there is more to it than science has observed, tested and defined.

    The closest actionable material I’ve come across are along the lines of soul retrieval, spirit attachments, disincarnate entities and ‘the unquiet dead.’
    I suppose these deal with one’s own body as ‘the house’.

    William Baldwin, Dolores Cannon, Edith Fiore, and shamanic traditions are recognized as credible sources in this field.

    The topic is incredulous, triggers extreme skepticism, and the stuff of fairy tales and nightmares from one point of view, however after reading through hundreds of case history’s there is plenty to ponder.

    What was particularly fascinating was the frequent resolution of chronic illness and long-time suffering by folks who didn’t necessarily believe in it.

    I believe in free will and personal choice. However after reading some of the case histories presented, that concept was fundamentally challenged.

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    Thank you for this post sir. Thank you so much.
  9. Glad to be of use. Do you have bad experience with hotel rooms and rented apartments before? Hopefully, not your own house.

  10. Ha. don't be so quick to dismiss.

    I knew a guy with a little Scottish dog who would not go into his brother's house because it was haunted. THE LITTLE DOG WAS TERRIER-FIED!!!!

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