Dealing with coworkers who has poor money management skills

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  1. Has anyone here ever experienced coworkers coming to you like 2 or 3 days before pay day asking --"can I borrow $20 until payday?" And I'm just shocked because some of these people are in their 40s and older and are having trouble managing their money. But what's even worst is when payday comes, the person who borrowed the money does not say a word about the money they borrowed from you. They act as if they never borrowed any money from you at all which is why my lending out days are over at the workplace.
  2. Charge an exorbitant interest rate... and when they don't pay, bust a few knees. Before long they will respect/fear you and make sure to repay.

    The "soft touch" lender almost always ends up holding the bag.
  3. Has anyone here ever experienced coworkers coming to you like 2 or 3 days before pay day asking --"can I borrow $20 until payday?"

    Pour moi, $20 is a fair price to buy back an introduction.

    If they don't pay it back, no harm no foul, saves me the trouble of ever having to deal with them or saying "Hello" for that matter.
  4. Your co-worker shows no respect for his credit worthiness. He certainty has no respect for you, if he doesn't even bother paying you back.

    I think the best thing to do is to just say "no" the next time he ask for anything. Be glad that it was only cost you $20 to find out about the true character of your co-worker.
  5. Tell them sure after you repay me the last 20 I can loan you some more. Then don't loan them squat. My friend had a roommate I owed some money to years ago. I paid him right back, but before I could my friend diplomatically intervened and said I will take that since my roommate owes me $200. It was classic.
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    I loan $20 to a guy that works at a food bank. When he gets his monthly allotment via a plastic card we go to the market and I grab $30 worth of food and he puts it on his card...

    The thing to do is to agree to payback terms with something to make it interesting to yourself BEFORE you fork over the money. In the workplace maybe there is something you would like to know, somebody you would like to know about, access to something, etc... get that before you lend the money and then pursue the guy starting the day before payday for getting the principal back. Interest up front, principal paid back: anything less is disingenuous on the borrower's part, given that you don't have a collection agency.

    I found in the workplace that there were quite a few individuals that would come in my lab and take whatever they wanted but when I went in their lab they wouldn't give up anything. They were really hard to deal with, they would get aggressive but I was doing martial arts, I'd just drop something really heavy on their foot and say "oops, maybe you shouldn't come in here anymore"... If they wanted to fight I was good to go, I never told them that of course... There was no way to discuss things with them, it's a mental illness level of thingy... obsessive people with long attention spans are usually cheapshit to the core, they give nothing and love to take..
  7. I think I should just do this...just to get back at them.. :D

    I was actually thinking about that, but I just wanted to stay out of trouble. They did pay back but it was like a week or so and I really have to ask them to pay.
  8. Hah
    "Ten dollars. You got off cheap. He's out of your life"
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    Worse than that are co-workers who smell bad

    I had a few Indian co-workers and MAN OH MAN! They fucking smell horrible -- I think that is why I always avoid Indian people -- almost all Indian people reak of body odor!!
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