Dealing Desks?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by T-Bone Trader, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Anyone know how these things operate?
  2. Unless you are an institution, it does not effect your OANDA account!
  3. yes the dealers watch you lose money and occasionally hedge off risk when it hits a certain worry threshold where the clients can take a chunk of change back if they are right.
  4. Any methods of finding out if your trades are being hedged?

    Asides from gradually getting higher spreads?
  5. I've definitely changed my mind a bit more towards - fx trading being more difficult than the rest after reading thread

    However, I still believe that a good trader can take their money

    If it ain't tough, then why do it!?
  6. I don't find much difference between market maker brokers or otherwise, only issue is size of trade vs broker spare cash, if you really trade large amounts of money, then dump you broker and go to your friendly local bank.

    FX trading more difficult ? I am not sure either, you may be right. I blew my account twice and need to top up, but my poker account, I only deposited money once and has never added money since. :D