DealbookFX DEMO ( GFT )

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  1. DealbookFX DEMO ( GFT )

    DealbookFX DEMO ( GFT ) have re-quote and slippage like live version ???

    ITX option is good ?

  2. do they actually re-quote in live trading ?
    if so, what size is concerned ?

  3. doesn't every forex dealer re-quote ?


  4. ITX: if you can find a better execution price, obviously it is better. But it is not something you are likely to find often. Plus, there is a $5 ticket charge added to each trade done through ITX. Personally, I have not tried any of it live, but I got a good walk through of the demo with one of their reps.

    I do think the platform is superior to any other forex dealer's platforms I have seen (quite a few).

  5. Cms forex and claim no requoting and no slippage

  6. But it have few pairs :(
  7. What for you need lot of pairs, Are you profitable trading
    major pairs? When most thinly traded pairs are trading
    above 10 pip spread, and imagin you need to profit 20
    pip in your next trade, just to breakeven:confused:
  8. GFTForex is a good platform, I've been using it for 2 months now. The only thing you must know is if you're under 2000 and you're trying to setup a limit/stop/contingent order, DO NOT use the keyboard to enter your levels, rather use the up/down arrows provided in the GUI. I have lost hundreds of dollars entering the levels through the keyboard to have them executed live at the market instead of at the specified level. Very annoying.
    I hope they work on a fix.
    Other than that, the ITX feature is very illiquid, and you usually won't get filled inside the spread, I've used it once, won't use it again.

  9. wonder where the spread and their profits come from then ??


  10. anyone ??

    thanks !

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