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  1. hi,

    anyone knows a website for dealbook 360?

    or any other broker besides gft that uses dealbook?

    i dont like gft

  2. Was looking at it recently, i like it immensely (dealbook with stocks/fx/cfds)
    but struck a hurdle with requirement issues on speaking to the sales guy.

    Is there a GFT rep here, who can speak on dealbook 360?

    Oh, why dont you like 'em?
  3. fundind/withdraw options....

    they sound like desperate asking me to go live asap
  4. Oh, ok. Not sure what you mean by fund/withdraw options though.

    Course they sound desperate, they want your account-you wouldnt beleive the hard sell i heard, and i wanted the damn account!!!
    I dont think its a stretch, that all their sales guys are desperate, that how it works, i imagine their on commish, and thats understandable.

    I just dont get, how you "dont like them" on them basis though, but i mightnt like the hard sell either if i werent expecting it.

    They are a market maker, and i was going to start a thread on the matter, its a great premise-
    stocks /cfds fx, all on the dealbook platform-this is what ive been looking for for some time, a truly integrated online platform.

    Is there not a GFT rep, here?
    I have a suspicion, the sales reps have been put to the wall here, perhaps , along with prospective new clients.
  5. SLW


    I'm sure someone from GFT is monitoring this forum, they sponsor it.

    I like the Dealbook platform and what works well for me is the Mobile Dealbook. I can check in on trades from anywhere at anytime.
  6. GFT offers stocks/futures on dealbook? they own the software, don't think they license it to anyone else.

  7. WH Selfinvest (or something simmilar, google will find it) is an IB for GFT and uses the dealbook software.
  8. No guys, they offer forex, spreadbetting, and stock cfd's through DEALBOOK 360, A gft UK (united kingdom )company.

    Surf, where have you been ?
    Sorry, since those pics of you in the
    "lunch with marketsurfer" thread, i just get this image of tom arnold, sorry, i dont know where that came from:)

    But yeah, all this market potential there, and guess what, us citizens need not apply.

    CFD's surf, whats your take ??

    This product is targeted at euro/brit clients, but where does GFT stand on the matter?

  9. Yeah, what i was trying to get at is anyone with dealbook will give you the same spreads, same deal etc.
    White label or not, same dealing desk or similiar.

    But this is different, im baffled the surfmeister isnt aware of the deals that are available , via dealbook 360.

    Trust me, its LOOKS like a bloody bonanza, if you happen to be an fx ftse stock freak.

    SURF, how could you not know of this ?
    Hey, all im after is some straight answers from gft folk, i love what theyve done with this, but -what, is this a mirage or something?????
  10. i am USA based----i am not keyed into the eurobrokers.


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