Dealbook 360 Demo User Problems..

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Oz_trader, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Oz_trader


    Hey guys,

    I've been pulling my hair out over this for the last couple of hours. GFT have been useless.

    I have an expired demo account, and I now have a new demo account with my broker (not using GFT directly). When I try to use it says "you are already registered with another demo account"

    How can it tell?

    It doesn't even log onto the GFT servers, and it only returns this error for usernames with 'demo' at the start (any combination of 'demo' user returns the error). It's storing demo account info locally *somewhere*.

    I've tried to clean this bloody software from my system but its leaving something behind and I don't know what.

    Also, demo accounts will work if dealbook is installed under a different userlogin (vista). But this is very annoying, as I'm a legit user.

    I'm feeling pretty dirty about this dealbook software now... feels like malware as I can't get a clean install..

    Does anyone have any experience getting a second demo account working?

    I'm going to talk with my broker on Monday, but doesn't help me much right now (7pm friday where I am).
  2. bstay


    i got the same problem. your post in from January and still the error exists in December. my old demo account expired after 30 days and when i requested for a "new" demo account, it has the similar account id 'demo1XXXXXX' but i cannot login with your same error message.

    they resolved that by creating a demo account under my cash account name, though with different password. works fine now.