Dealbook 360 Demo by GFT

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by nealvan, Jan 5, 2008.

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    This just started giving me a major headache. I liked some things about it but when it came to simple things like reusing the same chart layout it was a little disappointing for ease of use. Still a lot better than MBT and IB but missing some key features for user friendlyness. It has a ways to go to catch up to metatrader.
  2. I tried them both demo and live, it wasn't their platform which put me off it was the way they do business!

    One word, bucketshop!
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    Yeah I know what you mean. Dealing desk... There's no fluid brokers out there. By that I mean this:
    <li> put orders on an open market (without a basket of customers as if in a bingo parlor).
    <li>acceptable live customizable charting that allows orders to be placed with one clicking and no time delay. I don't mean delays when market news gets out and everyone is rushing into the market. Just one clicking that brings up an order form like on metatrader where you don't have to switch out of the chart so you can get a good fill.
    <li>Is regulated by a body of laws that protect retail traders.
    <li>Of course is reliable and has technical service to quickly solve any issue.
  4. Well MT4 would fit the bill if it had one-click trading off the charts and a broker who wasn't based in or backed by some company in Russia! (Not that I have anything against Russia or Russians you understand)

    The worst thing I found with GFT was that when placing a trade (market order) it would go into the pending orders blotter. In a fast moving market there was nothing you could so, you can't cancel it, and it often took anything up to 2 minutes to fill, no requote, they just fill you where they want.

    Interactive Brokers are about the best from what I've seen but they're not perfect. CMC have one-click but their platform is crap and their charts even crapier!

    All the others I've tried are just blatant bucketshops.

    Perhaps if/when the CME/Reuters FXMarketplace becomes available for individuals with small accounts it will be a solution, or at least make the others more competitive, who knows.

    Going back to GFT's charts, can't you save the layout, I'm sure I remember that being possible.
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    I'll try again after my headache goes away. I swear I did save my layout but when I opened a new chart I couldn't find a way to open the layout I saved.
    It was a headache to walk though compared to other platforms. They made it too complicated. I don't mind have features it's just the layout is not user friendly. They make you dig for every option on this platform. I'll try again though. Maybe it's something I could work through. I don't care if their a bucket shop at this point. As long as their regulated and are constant. If I can trade my patterns I'll make money. I don't see how they can beat me unless they really rig it or if I loose my discipline.
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    Yeah I saw one in Russia that had a lot of likable features. That was the only thing is their in Russia. Fastonlinetrading... I like Russians but coming from that land their is more chance of foul play especially with a lot of bad attitudes for Americans in that country. When they see where I live they probably have no problem putting the screws to me.
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    Ok I figured out how to do that. It's a lot different than metatrader. It's actually has some pluses over metatrader.