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Discussion in 'Trading' started by coops, Jul 5, 2001.

  1. coops


    Anyone have any experience with using

    Appear to offer CFD's ('contract for difference') at no dealing commisions and 20% margin. Do their quotes truly reflect real share market price movements?

    Meanwhile, i'll be switching to IB any day when my wire gets thru. I emailed IB re quotetracker - any more news?

  2. As a US citizen you can't use CFDs on Nasdaq...
  3. Neil


    Correct, as a US citizen you are not able to trade cfd's... by order of the US govt...why is that I wonder?
    I have used Deal4Free from Ireland and have a few comments... you can trade forex by the way and also trade in european and asian stocks, but why would you? lol
    I found it very useful as a new trader.. able to trade 1 stock at a time is a LOT better than paper trading.. it really matters when real money is at stake, even a few dollars... and then able to move up to 10 shares when you prove your system, and so forth... the main problem was their system... very slow to return a confirmation of price often with requotes, altho you were never committed until you pressed to confirm... their server is so slow compared to IB etc... and the spreads offered did vary wildly.. often reasonable they would suddenly leap all over the place and give you a heart attack!
    Despite all that, I made a profit thru their system (no fees at all) and quite liked it but think it would be a lot better if faster... I have now moved to IB and am well pleased with their service and have improved my profit a hell of a lot... Deal4Free played a useful role in preparing me for real trading (don't tell them that!)

    All the best from Ireland