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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by minimi, Jun 5, 2003.

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    Some times you feel that there is definitely some sort of unseen force playing against you, for example at the order excution and the market direction. What do you do about it? Is it just your thinking which does not exist in the real world any way?
  2. It really is amazing how we create the exact situation that we are trying to avoid.

  3. Read the Seykota chapter of Market Wizards... to paraphrase a significant theme of it, people have a tendency get out of the market what they subconsciously want...

    Schwager summed up the Seykota interview as follows:

    "Everybody gets what they want out of the market... My reflexive response to this was disbelief: It implies that all losers want to lose and all winners who fall short of their goals are fulfilling some inner need for a constrained threshold of success - a difficult proposition to swallow... a most provocative concept..."

    In light of this and introspection of my trading over the years, my assertion is that the unseen force is NOT external, but internal... the answers lie within...
  4. What if everything goes just well? Is it the unseen force, too?

    Always remember: They[tm] have black helicopters :)
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    Yeah yeah, that is quite right. For example, I am sorry for being part of the creation of this baby monster rally since the beginning. Now there is nothing I can do to stop it :).

    Unseen force is in ourselves.


  6. only when your losing...

    when your winning..


    you smile..

    and the whole world smiles with you.