Deal Reached: Pipeline stays in bill

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 377OHMS, Dec 22, 2011.

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    Obama blinked...

    He probably realized he would be reamed for having his dog flown 8000 miles for a photo op.

    The Keystone XL pipeline decision remains in the bill. It just means that Obama has to make a decision regarding the pipeline, it does not guarantee the pipeline will be built.
  2. I'd say the republicans blinked, but who thought they had any backbone to begin with. Seriously, why create all this drama if they're going to back down like cowards? They disgust me almost as much as the democrats. Boehner and Cantor really ought to think about stepping aside and letting Michele Bachmann become Speaker.
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    I have to agree. Doesn't Boehner think these things out before he sticks his foot in it? It's disqusting how they let the Democraps trap them time after time.
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    The problem with so many of the pubs (RINO's excluded, many of whom are really confused liberals) is that they don't know how to strike a balance between their principles and how to play the game of politics, which liberal dems have mastered.
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    Good post.
    Never vote for a Democrat.
    Never vote for a Republican.
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    I'd be OK with that. At least she doesn't cry as much as Boehner.
  7. Might want to change the tv channel on this one. Although, I don't see any clear winners, I think the WH gets the X on this one.

    I really wish I could believe what some of the talking heads are saying, that the American people are winning on this. Even if were the case, it would end up with both sides taking credit, individually. Why not do what is best, bi-partisan, and share the credit and/or the fault. Might be nice to see in lieu of all the fighting.

  8. Now, I like that, Mr. Lucrum.

    No c this time. :)
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    House GOP not happy with Boehner.

    ...early reaction from rank-and-file Republicans reflected dissension in the ranks once again. One Republican member told Fox News, "I'm thinking of objecting myself. We were hung out by leadership."

    Another member who was on a brief Republican conference call Thursday predicted the deal Boehner struck could cause problems for the speaker. "He may have a hard time keeping his speakership after this," the lawmaker said.

    Still another lawmaker said Republican members "never would have gone along" with the deal.
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