Deadbeats are winning, I don't consider this good news

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. spinn


    You are a sucker when you pay a crook, yes.
  2. spinn


    When did I ever say I have missed a payment, ever?

    No...I am identity theft victim and the banks did everything possible, legal and otherwise, to crush my credit.

    I only pay banks because I have to.....not because it is the right thing to do.

    If you miss even a few are done. Stop paying and thank Stock777 for the free money :)
  3. BartS


    I think we should all stop paying our bills and taxes.
    The banks are getting free money from the governement but for the most part will not work with customers (slaves?) on interest rates - it took a depression for them to start doing something - and I still cannot refinance my home yet I have spotless credit...

    Fuck them all.

    China will own us all someday....(Unless they go bankrupt like most in this country)...

  4. wow, you admit that in a public forum where we know who and what you are?

    No shame.

    A true Obamaman.

  5. Another poser. Didn't you like the terms of your mortgage when YOU TOOK IT OUT?

    I've said it before. 99% of our problems are because we lend good money to people that should be living out of cardboard boxes under the bridge.
  6. BartS


    29 making 130K a year with 0 balances on credit cards running my own freight business from home...Hardly the definition of someone who should live in a cardboard box....

    2 of the largest clients accounting for 50% of my business went belly up and my income got cut in half...Shit happens...don't expect anyone to cry there are people worse off out there...again everyone gets a good and a bad streak in life - I'm sure after some adjustements I'll be laughing about this in a year or two...

    Girlfriend got scammed out of 50K by car dealer who double contracted the loan with two different banks and took off running - to this day the feds can't catch the guy, her credit is fucked, all her interest rates tripled and limits were decreased overnight to below her balances with no questions or notice...She had never paid a bill late in her entire life.

    So excuse me for saying fuck the banks...I guess when you fall flat on your face I'll come with your republican friends and start kicking to make sure you don't get up too fast....

    Banks are a scam, whether you like it or not....I'm not here to applaud losers that rake up credit card debts and expect a discharge in a bankruptcy, but when honest, hard working folks get shafted when they have done no wrong - I'm going to hope all those banks go bankrupt....they deserve it.
  7. Sad story.

    And if all the banks go under do you imagine you'll be better or worse off.

    I'll give you a hint.

    Find a nice bridge.

  8. BartS


    On a personal level I probably wouldn't give a shit if they were gone....Until last year when I for the first time decided to finance a car (16K financed out of a 40K SUV) my house was the only thing I did not buy outright....I always believed that if you can't buy something outright then you pobably can't afford it....Hence 0 credit card debt....

    I always laugh at people that shop, buy tons of shit they don't even need and put it all on the credit card...thinking they will pay it later....What a joke....they get a deal when they buy it but it ends up costing three times as much with finance fees once everything is said and done (in most cases it never is)...

    Banks have always been about convenience to me....The less I borrow the better I'm off....

    (Don't even need them to run my business either, non asset based, don't have receivables to deal with - commission only)...
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