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  2. k so nobody seems conflicted at all. weird sometimes i do...

    it seems some of you's even equate the dead with libertarianism.

    dead head traders, any lyrics or songs or examples you've seen at shows or touring that support that the dead may have harbored this ideology?

    also, any of you guys familiar with former dead lyricist and cyberlibertarian, John Perry Barlow?
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    J.G. Was apolitical and didn't care to get involved in it, he just loved to play music..they had their causes but politics back then wasn't so in your face as it is now...Barlow wrote with Bob Weir and Robert Hunter and Jerry wrote together.
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    No, The Dead equate The Dead with libertarianism.

    And there's no "may have" about it.

    We good 'ere?


    (And, by the way, it's no secret, nor hidden away anywhere sacred, that The Dead were not about songs OR lyrics (which they often forgot or "miss-"ordered). The Dead were not so much even *musicians* as they were *artists* who -- given a fair tune of 4 minutes or so -- could, like Gershwin or Bach or Getz, turn it into 20 minutes of joy, humanity, sharing, give-and-take -- epochal stuff. There are any number of *very* talented bands these days covering The Dead, and nearly all have better *musicianship*. That's like looking at a Monét and saying "Well, it *kinda* looks like a bouquet -- if I *squint*...") If you want to know anything about The Dead, start with that. :thumbsup:
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  5. are you sure they equate themselves with libertarianism?

    i would say they were more or less apolitical and definetely wouldn't subscribe to any ideology, especially as a group or collective as artists.

    would you say being apolitical in america makes you a libertarian?
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    Once in a while you get shown The Light in the strangest of places. (If you look at it right.)

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  7. Anybody here live on a commune in the 70s?
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    Yeah, I spent the summer of 69 at Spahn Ranch. Good times.
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