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  1. RRY16


    google dicks picks, all the shows were recorded off the sound boards and shared, studio albums wasn't their game.
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    The live stuff could range from sublime groove to total cacophony depending on the pharmaceutical blend of the evening.
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    I'll be damned. :D
    I'm like... "if I google 'dicks picks'... there's no way in hell thats gonna lead to something to do with The Dead".
    ....But sure enough. Good find.
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    Just remember that "k" on the end of "Picks".....

    George Carlin: "You can 'prick your finger' yeah, sure, but no-no, don't finger your prick..."
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    You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose.
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    "Love is a nose and you'd better not pick it........"

    (Written for a lovely girl with big brown eyes...)
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  8. for all my dead head traders out there...

    i assume that as dead heads you relate to some of the 'utopian' or 'communal' that the band conveyed (and the general counter-cultural movement of the 60s).

    do you feel any conflict between this hippie (for lack of a better word at the moment) ethos and your vocation in finance?
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  9. RRY16


    None what so ever, just look at the prices they were trying to extract in their 50yr anniversary good bye tour. There were tons of trust fund deadheads as well as Dr's, lawyers, bankers, tech entrepreneurs mixed in with rabbis, hippies, drifters, freegans, bums, communists but that's what made it all work..They had the highest grossing tours for years after they decided to make it a with John Mayer playing with them I hear the cougars are top notch.
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  10. tommcginnis


    Zero. Absolutely zero.

    The Dead were/are, by their own admission, first and foremost libertarian.
    It is a false dichotomy to juxtapose a societal awareness as being at odds with a libertarian outlook.

    One says, "We don't need no gummint -- we can govern ourselves!"
    while the other says
    "I don't need no gummint -- I can govern myself!"

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