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  1. any dead head traders out there? listen to the grateful dead in your hey day? still do? curious because i know a bunch of guys in the finance sector who were / still are. funny because it seems the general ethos of the band (or what i seem to get from them) doesn't seem to correspond with the public's general perception of finance.
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    Dead Head here - even lived in the Haight in my 20's which was their home. Lots of concerts. Went to Gerry's funeral at the GG park - super cool.

    This was the sticker on the back of my V.W. van. And yea, I did well over a hundred acid trips in my youth. Steve Jobs and many other of the Internet/high-tech innovators dropped acid and liked the dead.

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    Dead's music is almost unknown here (in the UK). I'm certain I've never heard a single track they've recorded.

    I am exploring the great music I missed in the 60's, 70's and 80's - which of their albums would be the best starting point?
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  4. Maybe my dad (Board of Trade Observer) will chime in here and discuss how he lost the argument about naming me "August West."
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  5. dead head here.
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    Most definitely:
    just google,
    youtube grateful dead europe 72

    ...and you will smile, smile, smile......:D
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    Last show I saw with JG..Also went to the GG park service for him.
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    We gotta share what we got of yours
    cuz we done shared all of mine...........

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