Dead cat bounce

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  1. 1st to call it such :cool:
  2. I hope we can keep the dead cat alive for two weeks.
  3. One hell of a freaking bounce. Like someone threw the cat off the 21st floor and it hit a trampoline.
  4. Breadth was weak for such a strong point advance not even 2-1.
    Advancers 1701-Decline 1519.

    On the big down days its like 5-1 decliners lead. I have not seen one big up day with good breadth, maybe 2-1.
  5. Isn't that typical of bargain hunting?
  6. short covering in the financials, they will have to retest the lows to confirm.
  7. I beat you to it!

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    yikes look at the internals...a/d is negative! 30 something new highs and 600+ new lows. This is the definition of a deat cat bounce. Wow
  8. LOL:D :D :D
  9. All true. However, think of this as a correction in reverse. It's not over until the shorts (that's you guys) feel major pain. Far as I can tell, the shorts are still happy as pigs in .... well, you know.
    Of course, I'm saying this from the sidelines (I got out on the 20th of July and have stayed out since then), and it costs nothing to join this board. So, as they say, this post is free and worth every penny.
  10. Short-lived.
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