Dead Beats for Obama

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  1. OBAMA 2008

    Higher Capital Gains Taxes.
    Higher Business Taxes.

    Bail Outs for Dead Beats Foreclosures.
    No Drilling in Anwar.
    No Drilling in America.
    No Nuclear.
    Oil is BAD, Tax the crap out of it.
    Higher energy prices for ALL!

  2. clacy


    That's about 30% of the Democratic voting block right there. Another 50% isn't quite this bad, but still want something handed to them (unions, etc).

    The remaining 20% baffles me because often times they are fairly high income tax payers. I think however that many of this group, were born with money or made it very easily and feel ashamed of this gift.
  3. They are all Left Wing Shit bags of one form or another.
    The Blacks are lazy welfare dead beats wanting more welfare and a handout and the educated whites are elitist liberal socialists yuppies that hate corporations oil/Auto Manufacturers/Big Pharma etc and are green freak tree huggers.
  4. Mvic


    If you think society is litigious now just wait untl the lawyers get their wet dream fufilled.

    Plaintiff and consumer groups, buoyed by prospects of a Democratic president and expanded Democratic majority in Congress, are preparing a big push for legislation that would roll back limitations on personal-injury and class-action lawsuits.

    The plaintiffs bar's legislative wish-list includes limiting companies' use of federal regulations as a shield from litigation under state law, and laws to end mandatory arbitration in consumer contracts, opening potential new avenues for civil lawsuits.

    The initiatives reflect a new aggressiveness by the plaintiffs' bar after years on the defensive.

    The legal industry's fund raising for Democratic candidates and political action committees is on pace to exceed the $137 million raised in 2004, as pro-plaintiff groups see a rare political opportunity. "We've been back on our end of the field for too long," said Ed Mierzwinksi of U.S. PIRG, a consumer-advocacy group. "Now we do have a chance to throw deep."
  5. Good. A 3% marginal tax increase won't kill anyone.

    Good. Just as long as small businesses are helped and exempt. (Which under Obama's plan, they are.) Exxon made $40 billion, they can spare some change to pay for the war.

    Actually that was already passed. Signed and championed by Bush.

    Already happening, using the Republican policies.

    Good. I'm tired of hearing the oil industry whine about it, as if there's no oil anywhere else.

    Nope, Only on Fox is this nonsense propagated.

    If you can get one built in your neighborhood, go for it.

    Energy prices, overall, are going up. But not under the Democrats.

    Good question. Everybody should get informed, read both party's budget plans and energy plans, then vote. (Of course if everybody did that nobody would vote Republican.)
  6. Like us "left wing" fiscal conservatives.

    The country has left your kind behind.
  7. To bigdavediode:

    You are a 2 dimensional plane
    You are like a little water bug skimming the suface but never able to show depth.
  8. Okay. Let's get into some depth. What's your opinion on appointing a national CTO to address technology issues, and expansion of the USF to include broadband?

    You know, like the candidate's policy papers discuss?