DEA Whistleblower accuses big pharma and Congress for opioid crisis

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    I'll agree that when it comes to big pharma, both parties have been taking donor's money without much pushback.

    Though only one side demonizes those democrats not willing to take corporate money.
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  3. Wow never thought I would hear you call it out equally like that, I assumed it was all Obama's fault and Trump was a savior :).
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  4. I've been calling it out equally like that for over a decade of ET political posts. The very same problems we debate today were debated long before Obama or Trump ever entered the scene. Every election cycle brings a new swarm of numbskulls pretending it's all new. Congress has been the problem for my entire lifetime and before. Presidents are typically just useful idiots going along to get along, with Trump breaking that mold which is why he gets so much flack. Not that Trump is some savior, he's not. He is just the predictable result of a broken and corrupt system of government. He is, as Michael Moore put so well, our middle finger to the establishment. It felt good as he said it would, it still feels good., and it will continue to feel good until these MF'ers are replaced. Don't hold your breath.
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  5. Over a decade of political posts....
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