DE (John Deere)

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  1. Was anyone else surprised DE got beat up early in the trading day today when they reported pretty good earnings?? Did people sell on the news? Throughout the day more buyers came in and it closed down 50 cents, but it was a bit confusing why it had so much selling pressure earlier in the day, plus the DOW was up 80 points.
  2. I would not call what happened today a serious beating. DE has been in downtrend for the past few weeks, so I think most of the selling has been done already. Some say that after tax bracket adjustment the earning were just in line, but in my opinion there wont be much more damage. I expect to see it back in the 90s very soon.
  3. Earnings?

    The 4x a year catalyst and propoganda to move paper.

    There's NO precision to earnings. Hinges upon 1. What's counted. 2. What's not counted. 3 How what's counted is counted.

    Toss in the inventory posture of a specialist, and stir.

    Most of the selling is done?

    Here's 30 year pan-o-rama of an institutionally laden stock at a double top with summer approaching and not another EPS catalyst for 3 months.

    Break of the neckline and subsequent failed re-test of that break and it's a short.
  4. Aside from one silly pattern the above poster is looking at, there's not much bearish about it. Break of today's high and i'd go long.

  5. IF you look at the above post, the word "bearish" doesn't appear anywhere.

    I did use both double top and............neckline. Yeah, I guess that would pattern, eh?

    Presently there's resistance from $87 to $99. 12 whole points. Most of those, primarly institutions, that own it north of 95 are waiting to get out.

    Yeah, that's tradable, la la land.

    However until IF and when it pierces $99 to an ATH. it's merely re-tracing where............... it's already been.

    On the other hand if the drawn neckline is both broke, and a re-test of that break clearly fails, it's shot its wad. B E A R I S H with a capital "B". South of $80 would be what I consider good risk/reward.

    Lastly, as far as silly goes, a double top and a neck line is a Used long before your mama was born.

    As I write it's up 29 cents. More than a quarter of a point! Whoa. To some on here, yeah that's tradable.
  6. Thanks for the feedback to everyone, that makes more sense now.