DE FAZIO introduce WallStreet TAX .... AGAIN !!!!!

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  1. DE FAZIO introduce WallStreet TAX .... AGAIN !!!!!

    This is a good time for him at introduce yours SHIT
  2. Do have a link for this? I knew it was only a matter of time before Defazio introduced his FTT is this new session on congress.

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    It makes no difference because the Republicans are in charge of the House and will very likely control the Senate after 2012, and possibly the whole enchilada unless Obama can convince voters that 10% unemployment and negative GDP is a good thing.
  4. I agree it makes no difference and any ftt legislation is doa but I'm curious if Defazio has tweaked anything in this bill compared to his previous attempts.

  5. link? Why would you want a source?

    ET could care less if a post has a source. That's very clear. Other forums would delete a post w/o a source, ET welcomes them.
  6. please! where, this place is full of jackwagons.

    edit: never mind. why risk spreading them around. lol
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    This year, Goldman Sachs has set aside nearly $17 billion for bonuses. We need a shift in priorities in this country to ask not what America can do for Wall Street, but ask what Wall Street can do for America.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - I dislike Goldman but this patriotic shit makes me sick.

    Pete DeFazio: 'And The Profits On Wall Street Are Obscene!!
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  9. Just an FYI this piece of legislation was from 2009.

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    All the bananas I can find from the chimp.
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