DDE hangs Excel with Windows 7

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    Win 7 64-bit, Excel 2003 SP3

    Anyone had this problem before? I upgraded to Win7 and Excel freezes anytime I try to initiate a DDE link. Crashes and I have to force a shut down. Spreadsheets still work on another PC running WinXP, so I'm guessing it's either a Win7 or 64-bit problem (or both).

    Seems to be somewhat prevalent after googling; some have found solutions by closing Chrome, changing default printers, etc., but no luck on my end. I'm using Windows Home Premium so no XP mode either unfortunately. The issues isn't the DDE server either...hangs on TOS, eSignal, etc.

    Anyone know a workaround? TIA
  2. The Chrome browser definitely keeps DDE from initiating, you have to open the browser after turning the DDE on, but if you are saying that is not your issue it could be your install of win 7 because it works fine for me. I have had an occasional issue over the years with an update to either Excel or win 7 via windows update.

    Did you “upgrade” to win 7 or do a complete reinstall of the operating system where you lose everything on the hard drive and have to reinstall all your programs?
  3. I had same issue with IB TWS. This worked for me:

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    i used an upgrade actually. i installed an SSD at the same time so it was reformatted

    ogarbitrage, the path under Target when I am in properties for the thinkorswim app (right-clicking the desktop icon) is a follows:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\thinkorswim\thinkorswim.exe"

    no mention of java. am i missing something here?
  5. I have 64 bit win 7 with the same excel you have and thinkorswim’s DDE and have no problems. Ogarbitrage is talking about IB’s trading program not thinorswim’s. Like I said I have had an occasional update to windows or excel mess up the DDE, and this was fixed by going back with a system restore and reinstalling the update. If you restart your computer, have nothing running but thinkorswim, then open a new blank excel spreadsheet, and copy/paste some quotes from thinkorswim’s program, and if it still doesn’t work then there is something wrong with the windows or excel install. If it does work that way without issues, then you need to keep track of exactly what you do when it freezes.
  6. Is there any free Canadian data using a DDE plug-in? Thank you.

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    yeah, it happens to be any dde server i connect to. did a clean uninstall/install of office, so my guess the problem is with win7. back to the drawing board i suppose. thanks for your help
  8. Try using Excel 2007. Outside that I'm not sure what to say. The newest version of Java is really buggy - causing a lot of things to break/fail.
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    New development: excel with DDE works in safe mode. Does that mean anything to anyone?
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