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  1. I'm looking for a good price/quality ratio, DDE datafeed vendor,
    beside e-signal what would you suggest me?

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  3. How many symbols and which exchanges do you need?
  4. I too am always on the outlook for a better price / quality DDE too... but so far eSig seems to be the only one of decent quality even though i also think its price is a bit too high...

    I looked at IQ, TrackData, QuoteIN, IB, etc...

    but am open to anybody suggesting some new better service

    cj... :(


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  6. We tried QuoteIn... they have an excellant ground breaking RTD / excel software interface versus the usual DDE legacy excel interfaces offered everywhere else - but their data sources were all 2nd rate feeds... the major feeds are not making it easy to hook into them using the new RTD model -

    some of their data sources were even 4th rate... MarketFeed from England... yuck...




    If You Have The Vision We Have The Code
  7. There is also IB. Not sure I would rely on IB quotes, though.
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    What products/exchanges you trade? Tenfore is great for European futures.
  9. I'm certain that when you were referring to Marketfeed you meant certainly some other feed... MarketFeed has an excellent quality price ratio It offers 300 streaming quotes for about $20 with an extra fee of $10 you can get unlimited options. Also it is not from England but from the US and its servers are based in the US. (note: the point about being in England or not is that it would add to the delay receiving quotes for people in the US)

    If you are looking for an high end solution it is now possible to use QuoteIN with Comstock XpressFeed.
    Please contact support@quotein.com if you are interested.

    Check http://www.quotelink.net to read about new features like intraday data and .NET interfaces

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