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  1. Trying to start doing some basic analysis in Excel using DDE with Stage 5 Trader. However, appears that the OEC.Functions doesn't get installed as it says in the instructions it should when you install the DDE application. There are also invalid references in Excel Test Sheet.

    As I just started looking into this tonight... I'll probably call them tomorrow.

    I'm on Win 10 with Excel 2013. In their instructions they say that Excel 2010 doesn't support the Test Sheet.

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    You can place an order, and you can specify a time when the order should be canceled. But, as far as I know, you cant just cancel an order without such specifications.
  5. Does this work in Win 10 , Excel 2013...? You're video is an old setup.
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    This is what TT provides. The new TT is browser based and it works with Win 10 along with the excel. Try the demo.